This No-Slip Charcoal Yoga Mat Is the Only One You’ll Ever Need for Hot Yoga


Hot yoga fans know the battle: you’re in the zone, holding a flawless descending canine position, and all of a sudden, you’re slipping out of the posture—quick—because of sweat-soaked palms and feet. Help!

While yoga tangle towels that give an obstruction between your sweating body and the dangerous tangle can enhance the tight spot, there’s presently a far and away superior arrangement: Manduka’s pristine GRP tangle ($98;,,, which is intended to assimilate dampness and nix smells on even the sweatiest mats.

As per Manduka, the tangle’s deepest elastic layer is implanted with charcoal, which helps sift through dampness and wipe out odors. The counter slip surface likewise expands footing so you’re less inclined to slide out of postures while you sweat it out in the studio.

You don’t need to be into hot yoga to utilize the GRP tangle, either. The brand reveals to us that their most current item is suitable for a wide range of sweat conditions, so you can utilize it for an unheated therapeutic class or an undeniable Bikram hone. Everything works.

To purchase: $98;,,

In case you’re supposing the GRP sounds pipe dream, I get it. I, as well, was incredulous when I initially found out about the item. Be that as it may, in the wake of taking a hot vinyasa/HIIT combo class facilitated by Manduka a week ago, I can unhesitatingly say I’m persuaded of the new tangle’s uber powers.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t splashed amid the class—and in this way can’t address its definitive ingestion capacities—I was quite taken with its irrefutable quality. At 6mm thick, the tangle felt sturdier than some other I’ve honed on. With a base layer that essentially suctioned itself to the studio floor, it didn’t move, even as I burpeed my way through the HIIT bit of the class. The GRP’s unobtrusively rough best layer additionally padded my hands and gave simply enough grasp to keep them bolstered and without slip through my hot vinyasa stream. Interpretation: I was a major fan.

In this way, there you have it. My genuine underwriting of Manduka’s most current creation. Indeed, it’s pricier than your average tangle, yet I likewise believe it’s justified regardless of the cash. Also, once you’ve worked out on the GRP, odds are you’ll always remember it at home…and definitely need to pay the $5 tangle rental expense at your fave studio. Simply saying.

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